Monday, August 11, 2008

Stop Smoking The Easy Way

Stop Smoking The Easy Way
By Derek Henry

Tips to quit smoking, Nicotine addiction is something that is really hard to break, in my experience gum and patches did nothing but make me want more gum and patches. When I ran out of them I once again without hesitation went back to cigarettes until I got more. But now I have not smoked in 6 months and want to share some of my tip's to help other people stop smoking for good.
1.Remember nicotine is very addictive and I don't think cold turkey is the way to go, what I did was count how mant cigarettes I was smoking in a day and every two days remove one. I started out by saying to myself do I really need three cigarettes during lunch it's only an hour so I took the one out from the middle. Taking one away every two days seemed to work for me a lot better than just stopping all together or one every day, because I think it gave my body a chance to adjust.

2. Stop the cravings, yes the craving's are by far the hardest part but I got through it, and so can you. When I first began tring to quit on my own I bought a lot of products and looked for help online. But I dropped the products pretty fast when I found my addiction had just changed to a patch or gum that was still giving me nicotine. So I looked online for help, and found some good advice. Like in between cigarettes it say's keep your hands busy by sewing or knitting. That might be good advice for some, but for me sewing and knitting would just bore the hell out of me and make me want to smoke even more. So I substituted the boring stuff with Playing on my ps3 or watching tv and going to the driving range and blasting some golf balls. It really doesn't matter what you do as long as you do somthing that keeps your hands busy and keeps your mind off of smoking. Also chewing your favorite gum might help when A bad craving strikes.

3.The last piece of the puzzle for me was the actual motion of smoking. You know lifting it up to your lips. I found out that by chewing on straws and popsicle sticks for a little bit and holding it like a cigarette that it got my mind off of smoking a lot. I know you and other people might think that is nasty, but just think what's worst, chewing on sticks, or smoking cigarettes. If you don't think smoking is nasty than stop for A few months and then hang around people who just smoked. That nasty smell, is what all the non-smokers smelled on you EVERY TIME YOU SMOKED.

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I really hope that this help's some of you stop smoking. But if you read this and still feel helpless than I suggest you try this. Stop Smoking Now The Easy Way

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