Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ho’oponopono - Change That Works


"Imagine the Feeling of being Changed from Within to be:

A Relaxed, Happy, Creative Person;
Who Can Solve Every Problem;
Who is On Top of Every Emergency;
Who Awakens in the Morning Joyous and Ready to Meet the New Day;
and Who Goes to Bed at night and Sinks into a Deep, Healthy and Relaxing Sleep."

You no longer need to only dream about experiencing this kind of Freedom – there is now an easy way to consistently experience this,
and it takes less than 20 minutes per day – guaranteed!


Dear Friend,

Have you ever noticed that some people really seem to somehow be able to easily engage The Law Of Attraction, and be at Peace no matter what they are experiencing - while so many others seem to battle with every step along the way?

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have recurring problems in your life? And how you could permanently rid yourself of obstacles within yourself that time and again prevent you from getting what you really want out of life?

How excited would you be to find that the solution is available right now - and that what has been preventing you from being your Real True Self can easily be dissolved from within?

"I have been looking for easy- to- use processes to clear out my unconscious mind. So when I discovered Saul Maraney's new product that uses Ho'oponopono, I was excited. After listening to it for two nights in a row, I felt a lift in my deepest self, a release. The calming and hypnotic voice that Saul has, lulled me into a relaxed and receptive state that drifted me off into a pleasant night's rest. Upon waking, the next morning, I felt lighter and brighter, and more clear on what was most important to do that day. I recommend this product to anyone who is ready to release in a deep way that which is holding them back from attracting what they want from life."

Dr. Michelle L. Casto The Soul Coach, Teacher, Author and Philosopher


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