Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Ya Thinkin

I hope this finds you all doing well. And I do think of each of you. The universe draws people into our lives, draws us together so that we can reach our next level, to give us more focus, to empower us, to support us, and to help each other where it's needed. It supplies what we lack, or what we need to learn. We are given the opportunities to teach, to learn, and to grow.

If we only realized that each person, and situation that shows up, we ourselves have created, and asked for. Perhaps consciously, perhaps unconsciously, but we have asked. If we realized that, then maybe, just maybe, we would start seeing all the opportunities that keep presenting themselves in our every moment.

We have all learned that what happens are just random events that bounce off each other, but I tell you, nothing, not one thing happens without reason, without cause, without effect.

Whether or not a butterfly flapping it's wings in one part of the world creates an earthquake in another makes little difference if we don't pay attention, become aware. Our thoughts create our reality...and if you haven't learned that by now, I venture to say you will, sooner or later.

As our thoughts create our reality, our combining thoughts create the larger consciousness of this world.

I've said this before but let me go over it again...
All thoughts create...a thought, is the mind [consciousness]. Let's say here, it's God. A thought is very powerful, and it begins to attract all other "like thoughts" and energies. Let's call it also, The Word. A word is also powerful, but it is really a thought "expressed".

Follow me so far?

E-motion [action]/Experience is what follows. It activates the power of the thought into a thing. And The Word became Flesh...meaning, "to experience", to carry out the will of...

Now we add, spirit. What is spirit? It is the universal flow, the life of, the power behind it all. Without the spirit, the body dies. It motivates and creates. It is life's blood if you will.

Mind - Body- Soul
God - Son - Spirit
Thought - Action - Manifestation

We are the creators of this universe. We are all connected. We are all one. Think of cell in your body has everything "in" it to produce the whole body. It is the whole body contain "within" what seems like it's smallness. But it is not the whole body as a complete whole.

You, and I, are these cells in this body, called the universe, call - all there is, or ever was. You could apply that to all other things as well, such as animals, plants, the's all conscious, all of it alive, connected in spirit. It is the very same spirit.

What is a thought? It's information. What is light? It is truthful information. What is love? It is TOTAL INFORMATION.

When your thinking, you begin attracting other thoughts to you that are like it, that support it...this is movement of energy. Be it a new idea to you that could change the world, or the darkest violent thoughts, they attract even more of the same.

By the way, you aren't thinking anything new thoughts. They have already been asked and answered from a beginning. Since then, thoughts have only been re-focused, rethought, revised, put into various contexts, and into various actions.

By extension, we each can do what the whole can do. The only difference is we have forgotten, or been taught otherwise. That's a lot of power to know you have by those who wish for control instead.

Religions were created for the very purpose of control, and that needs fear to work. To get you to fear your very self makes religion today, so do governments, which were simply tools we created for ourselves and didn't pay attention to what we have been creating.

There is nothing wrong with thoughts, even those you deem dark or evil. Neither of those is real, but how they have been judged.

There is Fear and there is Love. Light and Dark. Two ends of the same, the very same energy. Remember, light is simply, truthful information. Therefore, dark just means, having less information that is truthful, not enough information, dis-empowerment.

If I stir some dark matter into a bowl of light material I will begin to blend, or dilute it's "substance".

Now, if I add LOVE to any mixture that is less than pure, I begin to change it's context, it's content. By adding more Love, more Light, more truthful information, I begin to understand it all boils down to LOVE.

In our world, our universe, our individual thoughts also pool into the collective thoughts of all things. What we are thinking about DO COUNT, for ourselves, in our reality, and though the collective the total universal realities. YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

You don't need a sign, a march or to shout from every corner. You can simply start by Loving. What you send out, give out, returns to you many, many times. This is how. Your giving it to yourself. All of those other things...people, plants, animals, planets, stars...all of it is YOU too. This is REAL POWER.

Let me ask you, would you cut off your leg if you injured it? Would you try to fold it up out of the way, or otherwise rid yourself of it someway...or, would you baby it, care for it, send it love, work towards healing it? I tell you now, everything else in this universe is that...your leg, your arm, your systems and organs. It is all connected.

Anything that comes to your mind, to your thinking, comes for one thing...for your blessing. It comes for healing. It comes to your attention because you are the creator, in whole or part, but it comes to you to be blessed, and to take a place in "your kingdom". Once this happens, it's power and energy are released, absorbed.

The next time you see a news piece on starving children, or someone dying in a violent way, send love to it, to the whole situation, and KNOW it has been done. You are consciously offering healing, new information, light, LOVE. You are diluting the darkness of it.

When you send Love to anything, you add Light to it.

Many speak of Christ. I am of the belief what he really taught was hijacked to control others, but they couldn't get rid of everything. He taught Love. He taught how to use and send it, how to fill yourself with it.

And he reminded others that they were GODS, and that they could DO EVEN MORE than what he was doing. Having faith of a mustard seed just meant to KNOW that what was asked for, spoken, thought, was ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED. All one has to do then is be GRATEFUL.

He was called the LIGHT because he had the INFORMATION, total information, and he knew it all came down to Love. having any other information will always point to it needing more information/more Love. It's that simple.

Buddha knew this, so did Gandhi, King, and many others.

By the way, every film, show, book, and other media, is but a series of thoughts and words strung together, therefore, they contain power. They add to the collective whole.

Simply being aware of something, changes it.

Is it any mistake that this new intentional community we are planning/forming is called The Eden Project/The Essence Of Eden? While returning to a way of sustainable living, healthier living, learning to appreciate each other, and how do live a better way, as perhaps a model, or one of many models, for a better world. We also remember that WE ARE CREATORS. We came here to wake up and remember who and what we are. We are in The Body [of experience]. We are already Spirit [as ONE]...and that only leaves ONE THOUGHT, the one that started it all from the beginning. We are simply the expression of that Original Thought.

With Love,


The Eden Project

Living On Love
"A State Of Being"

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