Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Healing Happens

How Does Healing Happen ?

Before we can understand how healing happens, we must first understand what healing actually is.Healing can be defined as a process which leads to a sense of wholeness and inner peace. The healing I speak of here is related to, yet different from “curing”.

As human beings, we are so much more than our physical bodies. We can also see ourselves as a beautiful expression of spirituality in physical form.

My first experience of this understanding began when I was a child. I was very close to my maternal grandfather, Grandpa John. I grew up in Iowa and my grandparents owned a little “mom & pop” type of grocery store. Grandpa John was very active in my life, we were the greatest friends. I always shared my joys and sorrows with him. He had a gift of always knowing the right thing to say if I was sad or unhappy. Whenever I was happy, he shared my joy so very enthusiastically. He also gave great hugs!

Then one day I learned that he had been diagnosed with a rapidly progressing form of multiple sclerosis. Over the next few years I witnessed his physical body deteriorate, from walking with a cane, to a walker, a wheelchair and ultimately he was bedridden. When I was a child, there was little treatment for MS. There came a time when he could not speak, he couldn’t even reach out and touch my hand, physically he was a “shell”.

However, he was my very best friend and so every time I visited my grandparents, I would run into his room, perch beside his bed and I would pour out my heart to him. If I was happy, I could feel his joy. If I was sad or did not feel well, he would somehow emanate this incredible loving energy and I would feel like I had just received the greatest hug of all! He was "healing" me with his love!

This was my first recognition that we are so much more than our physical bodies, we are all Divine love incarnate, and ANYONE can be a healer by simply allowing love to work through us.

Our bodies are a blend of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy in continuous interplay. It is in seeing ourselves through “spiritual eyes” that we are able to affect our sense of well-being, and journey into the healing power of our soul.

The “energy medicine” that is Reiki is an ancient healing form reformulated for modern times. The knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things and is directly related to health quality has been part of the wisdom of world cultures for millennia. Recent scientific experiments have verified the existence of this “life force energy”, and medical science is beginning to recognize the role this energy plays in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process.

Stress and Toxins

Through my studies and my practice of Reiki over the past 20 years, I have become keenly aware of the role that stress and toxins play in illness.

The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75-95% of visits to doctors can be attributed to bodily stress. Continual stress blocks the body’s natural ability to repair, regenerate and protect itself, and the effects of unresolved stress range from minor aches to major health concerns such as heart disease, digestive disorders, depression, respiratory and skin problems.

A major cause of stress is that our world has become increasingly toxic. There are toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, in our workplaces and in our homes. There are also “inner” toxins. We experience toxic effects from negative thoughts and emotions about ourselves, others and the world. We create toxicity in our bodies by not expressing emotions in a healthy way and by allowing ourselves to dwell on negative thoughts and ideas.

The Human Subtle Energy Field

Fortunately, we have tools within our bodies that can help release these toxins, thus allowing us to maintain or create health. Among these tools is the etheric energy field, which consists of spiritual, mental and emotional layers woven into a field of light. This field of energy houses our life essence. Our energy centers ie. chakras act as valves for life force energy to flow in, around and through our etheric field and our physical body. Reiki helps to bring balance to us etherically and physically.

In order for healing to take place it is essential for every aspect of the body to be in alignment. This means that the chakras must be aligned, clear and balanced, and the energy bodies are free of toxicity and in perfect alignment. The moment of healing occurs when all chakras and energy bodies are aligned simultaneously and we are able to access the light of our own personal perfection.

Eight Chakras to Help Us Heal

8_chakras Eight essential energy centers, or chakras include the base/root, creative, solar plexus, heart, ascending heart - near the thymus gland between your heart and throat, throat, brow/third eye and crown chakras.

Each chakra vibrates to a specific color, musical note, emotion, element and thought.

It has only been over the past few decades that we have become aware of the ascending heart chakra and the importance it plays in our development. It is a soul level chakra. The Ascending Heart chakra helps us hold very high frequencies of light when it is activated. The Ascending Heart is the Power center for the Age of Peace. It not only affects our physical immune system, it is also the seat of peace and enlightenment. The ascending heart can also help us develop “wellness consciousness”.

Wellness Consciousness

Wellness consciousness can be defined as having an intuitive awareness of our body’s needs. This ability can guide us through the self-healing process. As we begin to feel more empowered, we may also develop the understanding that have the ability to affect all conditions in our life, including our health quality.

Health care professionals serve vital functions in our society, yet it is not necessary for individuals to relinquish total control of their healthcare into someone else’s hands. It is possible to know our bodies so well that we can communicate clearly with doctors, chiropractors, counselors and other therapists and take an active part in our own wellness. When we can speak clearly for our bodies, we help the health care professionals serve us more effectively.

Reiki helps us develop a deeper awareness of our body, and the actions, thoughts and feelings that we have the power to change in order to create a healthier state of being.

How Does Healing Happen ?

I close this article with the same question I posed in the beginning as my understanding of the answer continues to unfold. Healing can also be total surrender of our challenges and finding peace in the wisdom that our perfect answer resides within the heart and mind of God.

Love, peace and infinite blessings …Laurelle


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