Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sleepless Ponderings of "One Intent"

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to take some time out and touch base with the masses,
well, not the masses really..."just you".

I have to say, I hope they approve cloning soon, I need about a
dozen more of me to stay on top of everything going on. I don’t
know though, some would say that one is far more than enough
already. Maybe I would agree at times, I’ve fired myself several
times already. But "I" don’t pay unemployment so "I" had to go
crawling back. You’ve heard of "never employ a family member",
well, employing yourself is a whole other ballgame.

Anyway, there’s a new Profile and Blog @
if your interested. It’s strictly, mostly, pretty much, all
mind - body -spirit related content. I said it’s new right?
So don’t expect much there yet, but it’s coming along...
sort of a "mirror" of the "best stuff" here.

There’s a mirror of that same content up and running at:
http:/intentone.blogspot.com You can even get the RSS feed and/or
grab a subscription by email. See further down for more...


My computer screens seem to pick up all the dust in the air and evenly
spread it across my view, so that websites begin to take on unique
views of their very own sometimes.
Makes it easy to sometimes "miss the point" in some post when reading,
as some have said...lol

I finally reached over and broke out the glass cleaner when I realized
I had taken all I could and cleaned all of them. Just in case you
don’t know, glass cleaner sends out some kind of call that a "new"
place is awaiting any dust who hadn’t found a place to reside yet,
so had put it off for awhile. A social program for wayward dust I’m
not running...

Which leads me to something else entirely, but not really.
I had to roll back Windows to a few days ago because of some crap
somewhere on one of the computers, that when I try to install a newer
version of an older virus scanner, I first have to uninstall the
older one...which in doing so, let’s "something" out of it’s
container it was put in, so I get that old "you must be signed in
as an administrator" to do that kind of thing. Da....I’m sitting right
here, you can’t sign on otherwise...I AM THAT I AM the Administrator

Anyway...so I roll back a few days to correct that....being told
"you ain’t the one" just $^%$$&* me off to no end. But then I noticed
something else entirely..."everything" rolls back to the way it was
days before. That would be days before I cleaned my screens of dust...
I know your thinking...."that’s impossible". Well, "it ain’t
cause I’m gonna have to clean the blame things again!

So be very careful if you ever have to roll back to an earlier date
on any of your computers...."everything changes". My wife was there
one minute, and back at work the previous Friday next.
"Deva vu’. But then, this "ability" could have it’s "uses".

By the way...you can get a great virus scanner free at
just put in AVG Free Edition. It might tell you, but it don’t care
if you have other virus/security software or not. It finds stuff the
others can’t or won’t. There’s also a great free online scanning
engine at http://trendmicro.com . Just click on "Housecall" and let it run.

Thinking about putting together a subscription list for mailing out
all the great things I come across everyday...if there’s enough interest
in such a thing. thinking....
["I’ve been thinking....oh crap...here we go..."]


Ok, what else:

Now the "baby" is at: http://intentionalone.com
It’s my version of a social network covering the interest of
mind, body, spirit, living on love, healing, and all the way to,
alternative living, energy, medicines & treatments, foods, building,
and more. It’s not to "take the place" of any "other space" or network
but more of a "streamlined" addition to networking with "like minded"
people, and of course, friends.

I said it’s new. I’m still dreaming, and having nightmares in "code".
You can do a lot there now, like sign up, and set up a profile. I’m
working on getting custom profiles installed, bulletins, and lots of
the "stuff your used to". But that’s time, money and just me, for
the most part.

Right now there’s profiles, pictures, messenger styled chat,
classifieds, groups, blogs, audio/video styled chat, chatroom, music,
events, articles, boards, even forums, but I’m not so impresses with
those right now and the "ajax" system...I may decide to cross over and use phpBB to go with it..we’ll see.

You can send mail, invite friends, set up a group, use the blogs.
Things I’m looking to add on are:

Private Messenger, Top Friends Creator, YouTube Module, Flickr Module,
CSS-HTML In Profiles, Chat In Groups, Bulletins, Profile Builder,
Social Networks Inviter, and a lot more [big list in profile view
on the site explains more.

At any rate, go over and check it out if you like..but that’s where
most of my time has been spent...as well as lots of sleepless

Also, putting together a show @ nowlive.com, a internet
radio, chat, live, call in show, that will be in relation to the site
as I can get it going right. Maybe have you guys call in or just hang
out from time to time and "talk stuff" related to what we post and
share here. It is, and will be @ http://nowlive.com/show/KnightsIntent
Chat is always open, usually.

Now sitting up some "autoresponder" stuff and want to take
this opportunity to offer to anyone, who is now, or wants to offer any
free mini or regular courses and needs set up to do this easily.

Say you already offer a Reiki course by email to those who request it.
I can take your materials and insert into the system and all you’ll
have to do is list the address for the "content". It will then be
sent out "fresh" and regularly as you like.

Usually this has a price and even restrictions with companies who
have this service for you...but I’m offering it FREE. Well, I say free.
It will cost you the time to send me the material the way you want
them to go out, and I’ll put a few lines near the bottom, kind of
a link back to the intentionalone.com site. That’s it. And we both can
offer a wonderful thing to many others. Simple enough. Oh, and maybe
you become a free member/friend over at intentionalone.com too .

I started to add ’I’m sorry for a little "self promoting" but then,
it’s not really...it’s one more way...several actually, for you
to promote yourself, your message, your connections.

So, I hope that covers my butt for the lack of "incredible",
"inspiring", "completely off the charts", "needed that now" kinds of
post you haven’t been getting recently.
[without sleep comes questionable humor...lol]

With Much Love,


Nothing here...

[the links are in the post above silly]

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